The Rules

After reading over the following rules please use the form at the bottom to enter your school.

  • School must be inside El Paso or Teller county.
  • There are four aid stations. (See map) Each station will be used by the runners twice.
  • Each station must have at least 10 students and 2 adults. The max is 20 students and 4 adults.
  • Schools must fill out the form below by Wednesday,
    May 19th
  • The form is not considered accepted until you receive a confirmation e-mail from us.
  • A drawing for the four schools and an alternate will take place and teams will be notified on Friday,
    May 21st. Winners will be contacted with information about the next step.
  • A planning meeting for the Garden of the Gods aid stations will take place on Wednesday,
    May 26th at 5:30pm. A representative from the four schools and the alternate MUST (as in NO exceptions) be present for this meeting! The representative can be a coach, assistant coach, a parent or a student. If the representative from one of the four schools is even a minute late getting to the meeting they are welcome to watch the alternate take their aid station. Translation; arrive early! You will be sent instructions for the location of the meeting.
  • If any of the four schools decide to withdraw from the Aid Station Challenge between the drawing and the race the alternate will be awarded the station.
  • Garden of the Gods Race day is Sunday, June 13. Equipment pick-up is at 5:45am at the race office (441 Manitou Avenue). Meet your station crews at your station at 6:00am. The race start is at 7:00am. The park opens back up to the public at 9:30am.
  • Barr Trail Mountain Race planning meeting is Wed, June 30th at 5:30pm
  • Race day for the Barr Trail Mountain Race is Sunday, July 18th. Details are covered during the planning meeting.
  • After the race runners will vote on their favorite aid station. The aid station with the most votes is declared the winner and gets the largest cash prize and an automatic spot in the following year’s Challenge. In the event of a tie the money for the tying positions will be split.
  • Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at the race. PLEASE HAVE YOUR TEAM THERE!

That’s it! If you have gotten this far just fill out the form below and your team is on it’s way to having a shot at winning up to $1,000 or more in the Garden of the Gods Ten Mile High School Aid Station Challenge:-)

Key Dates

May 19Registration Deadline
May 21Notification of Drawing Results
May 26Garden Planning meeting
June 13Garden 10 Race Day!
June 30BTMR Planning Meeting
June 18BTMR Race Day!

Registration Form

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School Information

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

By submitting this application you signify that you have read the above. Next, you understand that if your school gets an aid station a lot of runners are depending on you. You also understand that we are depending on you